Anthony McCudden

When a special occasion arises at the college which, occurs at least three times per year and we require catering, Cateraid is the only company that comes to mind. Greg Stephenson runs a very professional and well equipped catering business. Catering for 10 to 120 people is no effort to him. Greg supplies everything from the tables and chairs to decorating the venue in any theme we require. He is creative and can offer a wide range of ideas that make the venue look attractive.
The food is exceptional and he welcomes any input from the customer regarding special dietary needs and can offer a vast menu for the customer to choose. Fresh cooked quality ingredients are the base of Greg’s business and the professional service is evident from the moment you contact Greg to arrange your event. He takes the hard work out of entertaining. We recommend Cateraid to anyone who is looking for a stress free fuction, whatever the occasion.
Your sincerely
Anthony McCudden
St Peters Catholic College